Millie Tadewaldt

Hi! I'm Millie.

I’m an entrepreneur in San Francisco. I'm interested in simplifying decisions, building compelling brands, and genuine customer service. I enjoy computers, sunshine and pranks.

I currently work at AngelList where I help startups raise money and people invest in startups. Our amazing team helped startups raise over $100M last year.

Previously, I was co-founder and CEO of CakeStyle, a high-touch, high-end personal styling service for busy women. You can learn more about it in TechCrunch (here and here), on CNBC, in Refinery29, in the Washingtonian and in this quick video.

Before that, I ran the Foundry at Sandbox Industries where we developed a systematic approach to identifying startup ideas, and launching/investing in the most promising ones. I helped build and grow a number of different companies including doggyloot, Lab42, Lost Crates and GetAFive.

I’ve also worked at The Boston Consulting Group, studied law at Harvard, studied design at UC Davis, started my first business when I was 20, and taught myself to code as a teenager.

I'm married to this lovely man. We made a human earlier this year.

Want to get in touch? Email me at and there's a good chance I'll reply.